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December Discount and Shipping Plans

Hello again! Here’s what going on for this last holiday of the year. It’s a bit longer than usual, so hold tight.

I have a 15% off sale going the first two weeks of December – it will end December 15th. The code is “dec2018.”

Here’s the catch though. In order for domestic (US) packages to arrive in time, the United States Postal Service has said the 20th is the last possible day to ship. I need some time to be able to make everything, so unfortunately any orders placed after December 8th will not ship in time.

I have created an option during checkout for you to let me know if your order is/contains a Christmas gift, but please feel free to also leave a note during checkout.

I hope to ship any orders placed before December 16th by the end of the year, and all of the rest will be taken care of during 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, want to talk about international shipping options for Christmas, or just want to wish me a Merry Christmas, please feel free to contact me through this page or the contact page on my website!

(TL;DR: 15% sale until the Dec 15th, order by the 8th for Christmas, let me know if things are gifts, I will ship as soon as I can, and please contact me with questions.)