What are the aprons made of and how can I clean them?
We make our aprons of durable 600 Denier Polyurethane Coated fabric. This gives the aprons and bags great strength and minimizes wrinkles and repels many fluids. Handwashing your bag or apron in warm water is preferred, though many washing machines work too. Hang to dry for best results.

Can a Twist Em Up apron/bag be customized?
You can change the width of the buckle and waistband or strap from one inch wide to two inches. Colors can be mixed and matched to create the perfect apron to go with your costume or clothes. The newest thing that has been requested is adding an extra row of balloon strips to an apron. (Between 160′s, 260′s, 350′s and now the new metallics, there are just so many balloons.)

How many balloons can the “Balloon Strips” hold?
Each loop on a balloon strip can comfortably hold around 50 of the 260 type balloons. Hans from the Netherlands routinely puts in 70. For more information on how to use the “Balloon Strips” see the Instructions page.

Does the hook and loop on the “Balloon Strips” damage the balloons?
Short answer: no.
The hook part of the Velcro is made with hundreds of tiny little nylon “hooks.” The end of the hook points down, so if something fuzzy (like the loop half) comes up against it, the fuzz will go between the hooks and get stuck on them. Latex is not terribly fuzzy, so when it does rub across the hooks, it is only touching the curved part, or top, of the hook. We have rubbed and rubbed balloons against the hook with a lot of pressure to see if there was damage to the latex, but we did not find any when we later used the balloons.

I do not live in the United States – can I still get a Twist Em Up apron sent to me?
We do ship internationally! Shipping is currently charged at a flat rate for First Class International Parcel Service, but feel free to contact us for more shipping options.

How secure are the Balloon Strips?
We use 1″ wide Hook and Loop on our “Balloon Strips” to secure the balloons. When you press it in around the balloons, it stays where you put it. If, after you have used a lot of one color, you forget to press in or adjust your loop, balloons can fall into the bottom of your apron. This can happen easier when you load 50-70 balloons per loop. To avoid this, make sure the loop is tight when you load. Some of the loop may overlap the one next to it, but that’s okay.

I want to sell these aprons in my store. How can I get more information on wholesale?
Please use the contact form on the website to get more information on bulk order discounts! Due to availability larger orders will need to be handled on an order-by-order basis, but we are happy to work with you to fit your needs!

I want to order an apron. Is it safe to do online?
Our ordering page is hosted through a secure site. We use PayPal and Stripe for payment processing, so your payment information isn’t stored on our servers.

How long does it take to receive my apron once I have placed the order?
All our products are made to order and take approximately two to four weeks to manufacture, plus shipping time. If you need it sooner please feel free to contact us to get something worked out.